We recently brought you the latest updates at our annual congregational meeting. Since then, crews on site have been working quickly to complete the education and admin wing. While the Sanctuary will take a while longer, things are moving swiftly overall.

This week we reached a significant milestone with air conditioning coming online. This week we saw painters and flooring trades making substantial progress in the wing. We are on track to be able to move our furniture out of the Treehouse after our final treehouse service on June 19th.

As a reminder, we’ll be taking off in July from our regular Sunday services while Rev. Taryn is away and to give us time to finish the Sanctuary and for our staff to get offices and classrooms set up throughout July. It’s not too soon to mark your calendars for our soft opening on August 6th, where we will invite our UUCA community into the campus for the first time. Here’s a rundown of our summer plan.

June 19th: This last Sunday in the Treehouse, we will celebrate Juneteenth, we will honor fathers on their special day, and as we prepare to extinguish our chalice for the final time in our current space, we will affirm all that we as a congregation must and will do to meet the unique challenges of our times. When our flame ignites again in a new space, we will be ready for what lies ahead.

June 20th – 30th: UUCA staff and movers will be clearing out the Treehouse. UUCA offices will be closed except to those involved in the move. All groups should plan to meet offsite or via zoom.

June 30th: Our lease is over at the Treehouse.

July 3rd: We will broadcast what promises to be a fantastic worship from the UUA General Assembly in Portland, Oregon.

July 10th: Stay tuned for more information on a UUCA congregational hike sponsored by our Ens and Outs group.

July 24th: We are excited to join our Homeless Advocacy group as we invite our entire UUCA community to serve with us at Nicholas House.

August 7th: This one is just for us, UUCA. We will finally meet together for the first time at our new campus. This is our chance to discover our new home together and prepare for the grand opening in September. We will begin meeting regularly on Sunday mornings at our new campus throughout August.

September 18th: Grand Opening. This entire weekend will be filled with activities for all. Join UUCA, returning music director Don Milton, and guests from other UU churches for our home blessing.