Permanent power was delivered on Friday! All temporary power has been removed. This has set the tone for a productive week at our new campus.

Elevator installation is now scheduled to start in late April. We are back on Kone’s (our elevator engineering company) schedule; work could start earlier, depending on Kone’s availability. The elevator area roof has been completed. Water-damaged sheetrock has been removed and new sheetrock will be installed. Sprinkler heads are being installed. The kitchen wall Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) wall covering will start on Monday.

The interior vestibule storefront has been installed and is being glazed. The electrical room wall required by the Fire Marshall has been installed. The mechanical room will be foamed and painted once a crew is on-site. The new sanctuary doors are hung. All windows are now installed except for the second-floor materials in/out window. Cabinet work will start on Monday. Control wiring for the HVAC system is underway.

Social hall double door glass will be installed this week. The LED light panels to illuminate the stained glass windows in the Social Hall niche are installed. The mechanical room roof shingles will be installed early next week. All exterior brick infill should be complete by the end of next week. All wood trim repair and replacement in advance of exterior painting is complete. Sample brick paint color patches are available for review. Our earliest day to start exterior painting is April 25th, given the paving schedule. Choate will order the base paint and will confirm the estimated life of the paint. 

The sewer line and roof litres are complete. Curbing and sidewalks will start on Friday. The substrate for the new parking lot is planned to start on Wednesday. Choate had to hire a new surveyor, since the prior one was unreachable.

ECS has completed its preview inspection of the intumescent painting crew and set up and will conduct random spot checks of the work starting next week. The ADA playground ramp retaining walls and concrete inspections have started (we can expect completion by April 25). Our footers passed inspection. The sprinkler (dry system) drawings have been approved by DeKalb County, but have not been entered into the system. Once these approved drawings are uploaded, TSAV drawings are approved, and Transcend drawings are approved, the sanctuary ceiling cover and finish work can begin. This is planned for the end of next week.

Erosion control measures were taken in advance of Thursday’s rainfall.