This week, we continue with our new schedule. We are on target to complete our final inspection on June 10th and achieve punch list completion on June 24th. Choate is always working hard to make our dreams a reality as efficiently as possible.

Georgia Power has been working on our transformer, and we are pleased to report we can expect full power by next week, barring rain delays. This is an exciting development and will allow many other processes to get underway. Stairwell framing and Mechanical Room ceiling framing are on hold pending delivery of materials. Elevator installation has been pushed to April 18th (rather than April 4th) due to the 10-day window required by Kone following shaft inspection and installation of permanent power. Tile ceiling framing and installation of grid lights on the first-floor admin wing will wrap up this week. Social hall lights will be installed next week. 

Various ECS inspections are scheduled for next week. We will be posting all reports we receive to the Project Phoenix dashboard. Mechanical room roofing is planned for next week. Sewer line relocation near ADA ramp, roof liters, final curb, and gutter work, and parking lot paving should start in mid-April. 

The 400-pound, clear glass exterior round window was installed today. The decrease in road noise from North Druid Hills in the sanctuary is amazing. Plastic sheeting to protect administrative attic equipment from the Intumescent coating and topping off second-floor admin walls is underway. The ADA ramp foundation and walls in the playground are underway and should be completed in mid-April.