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Now, for our weekly update, we begin with great news regarding permits and inspections. We were thrilled to learn that we have our approved fire sprinkler permit! Thanks to the office of Commissioner Jeff Rader for all the help they provided to navigate the process which is still being debilitated by the backlogs created during the pandemic.  The next step is to fill the lines with water and raise the system to 200psi.  The Fire Marshall and plumbing inspector will inspect to be sure that it’s pressured and let it sit.  They will examine all the lines to be sure there are no leaks and that all is holding pressure.  Once the fire marshal is squared away then Choate will order the building inspector over. This will all run in tandem with the Ceiling Inspections.  Choate is also getting ready for the new mechanical room wall cover inspection.


We are pleased that there have been no safety incidences or even near misses. The Choate supervisor on-site is targeting some housekeeping to clean up trip hazards etc to keep the job site neat, tidy, and most importantly safe.

Drawing Logs and Revisions:

The drawing logs and revisions are mostly up-to-date.  We spent time discussing the stage drawing for the sanctuary which is nearing design completion and ready for pricing. There will be a forthcoming change order to accommodate some requests by the UUCA AV team and worship leaders. We have decided to go with 4 floor boxes with an ancillary box on the face of the platform for off stage performers. The goal is to keep the stage clutter-free and to keep unsightly electric and XLR type cables to a minimum. We are looking at adding a trough at the back of the stage to allow for future-proofing things like wire pulls and change outs from the AV desk.

Schedule Update:

Some of the biggest news of the meeting was heavily celebrated. Choate and the UUCA Project Phoenix team has been reporting for the last several weeks difficulty in obtaining a critical main breaker and main distribution panel components that are required to move to permanent power.  We are pleased to report that the main breaker has finally shipped after over a 2-month delay.  The breaker should be on site by March 14th! The breaker is currently on it’s way to customs at the border and Choate is tracking its progress as it makes its way to us.

In the sanctuary, the walls are currently being finished (taping, mudding and sanding) and will continue through Wednesday of next week.  Beginning on Wednesday of next week, the walls of the sanctuary will receive prime paint. The following week installation of the ACT Grid, lights and grills are scheduled to occur.

In the admin wing, ceiling inspections will follow the sprinkler inspections early next week. This will set up for the hanging and finishing of the sheetrock ceilings  starting around March 7.  The hanging and finishing of the walls continues on the first and second floors with prime paint scheduled for next week.  ACT framing is happening now  with installation of ACT lights and Grills on deck for next week. Bathroom tile is going in and looking great!  The elevator install is scheduled for March 23-24.

On the exterior, wood repair is happening now and storefront door and window installation is underway. The framing of the vestibule should start on Monday of next week. The mechanical room roofing is slated to start on March 14.

Submittal Log:

Project Phoenix and the architects approved the brick selections. It’s not a perfect match, but it is as close as possible given severe supply chain issues.  The brick is paintable, and as of now we still have funds to paint the exterior, but we are waiting to see if that holds given other critical change orders outstanding.

ASI#6 – Change order regarding fire safety.  We asked for the stair wells to be broken out from the electrical room. We are still waiting on coordination over next few days.

RFI: There are currently 6 in process

Change Orders:

The TSAV change order has been drastically reduced. We are awaiting the final proposal, but through a series of conversations, we’ve found ways to accomplish the same things for the multimedia team at a much lower cost.

Change Order 31-A to bring the stairwell up to fire code was approved.

Change order 35 that requires relocation of the sanctuary exit light was approved

Change order 36 regarding the new parking lot substrate compaction issue has been tabled pending a second opinion on the bid amount. The new estimate is expected tomorrow but based on initial reviews appears to be in line with the expectation. Just awaiting some additional due diligence before signing off.

Erosion, Sediment and Weather:

We discussed sediment and erosion control and walked the property.  We asked about the possibility of hydrovaccing the vault sooner rather than later.  The contractor said that we should wait until after we’ve paved the new lot but then we can do the hydrovaccing once that is complete.

A congregant had asked about the old parking lot and any disturbance that may lead to any erosion control modifications needed.  The contractor reiterated that the existing parking lot doesn’t get resurfaced or repaved.  The only thing in the budget is for it to be patched and sealed. This will be done at the very end of the job in May.  They will seal then stripe before handing over the keys. There are no erosion or sediment concerns for that project which requires dry weather.

Expected Rainfall between now and the next OAC was discussed. We are looking at low humidity and mostly dry conditions for the next 7 days:

Thursday, 0.0”
Friday, 0.0”
Saturday, 0.0”
Sunday, 0.0”
Monday,  0.08”
Tuesday, 0.10”
Wednesday, 0.0″