Project Phoenix Town Hall

Sunday, March 6th at 12:30 PM

Join us for an update on the construction status of our new campus! Take an in-depth look at environmental measures, supply chain developments, and more. Click HERE to register, or visit

We continue to feel new pressure on the schedule as Choate attempts to rearrange to accommodate complexities in the original plan. In the original plan, the campus would already be on permanent power. However, we are still on limited temporary power due to supply chain issues in obtaining the fabricated custom breaker. The delay in receiving this breaker prevents us from installing the elevator or testing any HVAC equipment. The schedule has a ~20% chance of slipping past the original May 18 (turnover) / June 1 (punch list completion) date. As we await the breaker, the schedule is being adjusted to keep various trades mobilized to work on things scheduled initially further out. The crews have started finishing the walls. There is an incredible amount of humidity due to the recent rains and unseasonable temperatures. With no power for the climate systems, the wall mud does take longer to dry. Choate is targeting March 7 to begin priming and painting the interior sheetrock. The abundance of rain is also causing delays in some site work, but asphalt patching and curbs in the columbarium area are expected to begin in the next several days. Next week, the roofing of the mechanical room and the elevator shaft is targeted. The new clear round window that will protect the new stained glass in the sanctuary will arrive on March 5. Choate will install shortly after that. Finally, all storefront windows and materials should come next week, and work on the front vestibule is slated to begin. Choate will likely need to work some Saturdays in the coming weeks to maintain the schedule.

We are still applying pressure to have the fire sprinkler permit reviewed and approved so hard ceilings can be installed in the sanctuary, primarily with other ceilings, mostly elsewhere. DeKalb County continues to suffer delays due to staffing and Covid related issues. We are staying on them to try and expedite these inspections and reviews.

A couple of change orders are on the horizon of a sizeable nature in new business. The team is looking at solutions for a conflict in the meter sizing of the domestic water supply and for an unfortunate circumstance in which the soil for our new parking lot is too soft to pave. After reviewing with our civil engineer and Geotech, it appears the only viable solution will be to remove some of the soft soil apply fabric and gravel to stabilize the substrate to pave. More details will be released as we learn of them and will be covered along with the other change orders at the Project Phoenix town hall at 12:30 pm on March 6. Click HERE to register, or visit

The Project Phoenix Team and the Architect reviewed a color pallet of bricks that will be used for patching old openings that need to be sealed. We’ve obtained an available selection with only a two-week lead time and has the correct consistency to be painted.

The OAC continues to give specific allocated time and energy to discuss upcoming weather and its relation to the sediment and erosion plan. Upcoming precipitation discussed for the next seven days included these estimates:

Thursday, Feb 24: 0.0″
Friday, Feb 25: 0.0″
Saturday, Feb 26: 0.0″
Sunday, Feb 27: 0.40″
Monday, Feb 28: 0.0″
Tuesday, Mar 1: 0.0″
Wednesday, Mar 2: 0.81″

We also asked for clarifications from our civil engineer regarding silk dykes and filter socks, who replied before the OAC meeting. He confirmed the use of the filter socks as acceptable and noted that the site looked good when he was there two weeks ago. Choate has provided several enhancements to the site recently, but the team did note some areas needing repair in the walk-thru and asked Choate to make those corrections.

We continue to field comments and concerns from the neighborhood as they come up. The team is also working to determine the best strategy for renewing our lease at the treehouse to coordinate our exit with the move-in to 2650. We hope for a substantive update regarding the breaker by next week to help inform that decision.

TimeLapse and 360 degree photos are available here: