We’ve created a Project Phoenix document dashboard to keep our community updated with all the latest reports and action plans. Check out Choate’s initial Erosion and Sediment plan, our Stormwater Corrective Action Plan, and inspection reports at uuca.org/phoenixdashboard, or find it linked on our Project Phoenix webpage.


This week’s OAC meeting started with the introduction of the new on-site superintendent, Brian Hogue. Brian earned his construction management degree from Kennesaw State University in 2015. Brian is especially well-suited to take over as we move from the structural work to the interiors and finishes. Greg Sabario will be with Brian for the next two weeks as we make the transition. Starting in March, Greg will be just 15 minutes away should we need his expertise at another Choate medical project, a specialty of Greg’s that is just kicking off.


Regarding recent permit activity, the fire alarm drawings permit has finally been approved after Bryce got DeKalb Commissioner Rader’s help.  We are still waiting on the sprinkler drawing permit to come through, but Bryce is working with Kedra Haines, the DeKalb permit manager, to see why the Fire Marshall’s office is dragging its feet. Choate is hoping that the permit comes through this week. Choate continues to put the pieces in place to call for the ceiling inspection. UUCA has a 3rd Party inspector that provides independent evaluation of materials testing, site sediment and erosion, and payment draw requests, ECS Limited.  This week ECS revealed an anchor deficiency in how the structure attaches to elevator shaft. It’s not a major concern, but Choate is awaiting the fix specifics for Choate to execute upon.


Safety: The impeccable safety record continues at the job site.  Overall, there is attention to cleaning up the job site to make sure there aren’t trip hazards and the like.


Revisions: Prior to the OAC meeting, Project Phoenix, Choate, Collins Cooper and Carusi, Michael Dangerfield and Titan Electric participated in a coordinating meeting related to TSAV Change Order #01 and to get clarification about a wiring channel on the stage that wasn’t well noted in the original AV drawings and therefore wasn’t picked up. Everyone was in agreement that given the curved radius of the stage, the channel as indicated in the AV drawings was cost prohibitive.  Instead, we unanimously agreed to use stage boxes.  Further coordination directly between TSAV and UUCA’s AV team will be required in the next week to pin down what is needed.  We’ll then reengage with Choate and the Architect to see about implementing the proposed solution.


Schedule: Now with the walls up, Choate will begin mudding and sanding.  With temperature and humidity, it will take a couple of weeks to complete. It’ll be extremely dusty around the job site for the next couple of weeks as that goes forward. The mechanical room framing is almost complete, other framing and sheathing has just about wrapped up. Wood rim and siding work will commence next week as will louver installation, elevator waterproofing and wood repair. Storefront and window installation is two weeks out.


Delays: Supply Chain issues with the fabricated breaker of the main electrical panel continues.  Choate advised that they have other projects contending with the same issue. The elevator can’t be installed until we get permanent power. The schedule had padding but at this point it is getting uncomfortable. The new date is showing as shipping on Feb 23rd, but this is the date that keeps getting pushed out and the confidence in this information is low.


Submittals: Current pending items are mirrors, gypsum board assemblies, signage, toilet, bath and laundry accessories, gypsum board assemblies for platform framing and selecting the exterior window caulk color.


RFIs working on currently: Electrical floor boxes, Solid surfaces confirmation, beverage/dish table, EM-WP Light fixtures on playground area and a domestic waterline sizing issue.


New Business: The OAC team decided that the largest sanctuary condensing unit outside AV area window should be relocated alongside the mechanical room instead.  There is an issue with the main duct work in the social hall extending  in front of the stained glass display. The team will look at alternate routing and solutions to address the conflict.


Change Orders: The decision on exterior paint is needed by April 1 at the latest. We are pushing back on ASI #6 which covers the walls not extending to structure as expected in stairwells or electrical room. We are awaiting better solutions for addressing the installation of fire rated ceilings to decrease the proposed $22K change order proposal.


Pay Application:  CCCA has signed of but hasn’t sent to Bryce.  Once Bryce receives it, he will process with Iberia and ECS. Bryce has funded the account up to cover the application.


Erosion and Sediment Control:  The Project Phoenix team now has Erosion and Sediment control on every OAC agenda.  We spent a great deal of time summarizing our steps over the last several week, provided the draft of our action plan, and talked through expected weather for the next 7 days.

Thursday, Feb 17:       0.38”

Friday, Feb 18:            0.32”

Saturday, Feb 19:        0”

Sunday, Feb 20:          0”

Monday, Feb 21:         0.43”

Tuesday, Feb 22:         0.51”

Wednesday, Feb 23:   0.07”


The team walked the complete site making note of all the new work that had been completed in the last two days.  Bryce, Maureen, DeAnn, Bert, and Lee from UUCA had walked the site together this past Saturday.  Bryce had brought the concerns from that walk-through to Choate on Monday.  The issues raised on Saturday had been addressed by the time of the walk-through at the OAC with several more enhancements to control measures noted. UUCA will be watching rain events closely in the next week and will address at the next OAC any additional needs.  This will be an ongoing process each week as we strive to protect the environment and press for best management practices by the contractor and its subs.