This week, Project Phoenix paid special attention to erosion issues at our construction site following the 3-inch rainfall on the night of February 3rd. Choate had installed extra hay bales, silt fences, and filled fabric berms prior to this weather event, however, the deep trench dug to hold the new water line overflowed during the severe rain despite mitigation measures. We have posted Choate’s existing Erosion and Sediment plan to the Project Phoenix webpage, and we are in the process of developing an action plan to deal with future erosion threats. This plan will be available in next week’s Weekly Update and on our webpage.

We continue to uphold excellent safety measures as we complete another week without incident or injury. In the sanctuary, sheetrock hanging continues and the selection of the woodgrain finish for the ceiling is complete. All walls will be complete in a week or two. We continue to await the Mecko shade.

New windows have been installed in the administrative wing, making a beautiful improvement in light entering the building and the exterior facade. The elevator core is being topped. The final gypsum board for walls and window openings is being installed on the second floor. First-floor sheetrock walls are underway. The elevator shaft construction continues, with tie-in walls under construction.

On the exterior, underground roof runoff storm drains are being laid and connected to the main sewer pipe. The water main pipe should be finished by Monday or Tuesday. The rock blocking the final leg of the run has been removed, and the missing pipe lengths are now on site. The landscaper should start on the Memorial Garden area in two weeks. Paving of the parking lots and sidewalks will start in a couple of weeks. Compaction and drying out of the new parking lot continues. Gravel may be needed if the area remains too soft. Construction of the new driveway apron will require temporarily closing one northbound lane of North Druid Hills. We will alert our neighbors before this occurs. All site work should be complete in two weeks.

In permits and inspections, the building inspector approved all interior walls for final drywall coverup. The plumbing inspector approved the mechanical room. Choate cannot complete the drywall ceilings without the Fire Marshall’s inspection, which has been held up. UUCA is grateful to Commissioner Jeff Rader and his staff for their help to move this forward. County information technical issues have also slowed the reissue of our plumbing permit, with changes. Steel inspections for the elevator are pending.
We continue to await electrical panel parts from the manufacturer. This has been an ongoing concern, as it keeps us from switching from temporary power to permanent power, which could affect elevator testing. Choate remains on top of any updates regarding this supply chain issue.

Monument sign discussions regarding adequate pad support are ongoing. We have reviewed drawings for interior signage. A meeting will be scheduled this coming week to address the sanctuary platform/electrical power trough and other AV items.

Revised stairway ceiling drawings will be completed this week. Several infill brick alternatives were considered and rejected due to color, finish, and paintability. We’re seeking more options. We have requested information regarding exterior lighting for the playground area.

Questions about our new campus?

Project Phoenix depends upon the work of congregant volunteers.
Please allow 3-4 days for a response and communicate concerns directly with Project Phoenix so that we may best address your questions!