The company that UUCA hired to monitor the construction project at 2650 continues inspections each week. This week, they noted some minor deficiencies in the structural steel and elevated platform that are easy corrections. There was nothing else of note.

Safety at the job site is still impeccable with no reported injuries to date. We discussed logistics around the hard-hat tours offered to UUCA congregants by the Stewardship drive.  Due to dangers on the site such as open pits and trenches, trip hazards, and parking lot curb and gutter work, the safest time for tours will be in mid-March. The maximum group size for each tour would be 10 people. We will follow up with our Stewardship chairs to  get a headcount of people that would be interested to coordinate actual dates and times.

Questions came up in the drawing logs for TSAV which appear on ASI5 regarding new boxes in the AV area and circuits for amperage. In addition, ASI6 was submitted on Wednesday and Choate is looking at it currently.

In terms of our schedule, the mechanical shade for the round window has been ordered for the sanctuary and is the last bit of work “still in the ceiling”. The stained glass has also been ordered by Bryce with an expected lead time of 10-12 weeks.  The speakers have been roughed in for the sanctuary. The last thing needed to install the gypsum ceilings in the sanctuary is approval from the fire marshal for the sprinkler drawings.  Bryce is going to reach out to Commissioner Jeff Raders office to see if we can help expedite the process since it has been sitting with the Fire Marshall for over 2 months.

Other hard ceilings throughout the building are going in and all but one room is completely framed. Water service is going in this week and work is continuing in the mechanical room.  The roof has been cut above the elevator shaft as the masonry climbs now through the second floor. The roof should be finished and dried in for the elevator next week with February 10th on the calendar for the elevator shaft final inspection. The elevator delivery is scheduled for February 21st.

Choate continues to wait on parts needed to establish permanent power. As mentioned in previous updates, this is a fabrication and supply chain issue.  In the meantime, we continue to use Choate’s temporary power.  Choate is beginning to think about plans to rent a generator for the elevator installation since it can’t run off the temporary power feed, but they are hoping to avoid that.

Miscellaneous block work will continue over the next couple of weeks. Once the elevator shaft is done, the shoring can be removed to finish framing around elevator areas. Framing for the mechanical room is confirmed to start this coming Monday. It was noted in the OAC (Owner, Architect, Contractor) meeting that there is a lot of detail in that room including structural attachments.

The roofing and new shingles for the admin building are finished. The Sanctuary roofing and shingling will be done as well by Monday.  Roofers will come back later in the project to finish up the new vestibule and mechanical room.  After the roofers are finished, the trim trade will come into repair fascia and soffits.  The fire main vault was set this week and installed.  The water line has been run into the building and stubbed out.  Curb and gutter work on the parking lot is starting this week and will continue to the new parking lot next week. Once Curb and Gutter is done, they will proof roll, get ready for GAB, and then asphalt.

Choate is coordinating with Georgia Power and Georgia Green Energy Services LLC
Regarding the EV Car Charging stations.  Once the scope is nailed down, we expect to see a deduct from Choate for work that is being picked up by Georgia Power in their Make Ready funding assistance.

Bryce is helping with the coordination of United Signs regarding the Monument Sign. In conversation with Choate, we have decided the existing pad is inadequate and that it would be better to pour a new concrete pad to support the sign.

Work for the Columbarium needs finishes as lead times are starting to become a concern. DeAnn is meeting with the memorial garden team, so we expect to have answers regarding finishes by next week.

Questions or concerns about the new campus?