Our highlight of the week is a grant awarded by Georgia Power in the amount of $40,431 to cover EV car charging infrastructure. We are deeply grateful to be empowered to continue our commitment to the seventh principle on our new campus. In November of 2021, Lizanne Moore approached Project Phoenix with information about the Georgia Power Make Ready program that provides funding assistance for EV car charging stations. Bryce Thomason completed the funding application process in November and December and met with Georgia Power for a site evaluation in mid-January along with Carol Ann Arvan. Today, Bryce learned that Georgia Power would contribute $40,431 to cover the total cost of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure at our new campus. As part of the Make Ready program, Georgia Power will own the EV underground infrastructure including the wiring of four charging stations with future infrastructure wiring stubbed out to support four more in the future. UUCA will be responsible for providing the actual charging stations. UUCA was previously covering the cost of the infrastructure underground wiring and seeking to identify funding for the charging stations. The contribution from Georgia Power will now free up the previously allocated underground infrastructure funds to purchase and install the four-car charging stations. Georgia Power is also working with Bryce in helping with logistics and coordination of the actual UUCA provided chargers.

There were no inspections to report this week.  We are still preparing for drywall ceiling inspections. The steel elevator inspection will be performed by ECS by next week.

Safety continues to be of the utmost concern, and we still have no incidents to report!  Roofing, elevator steel installation, and digging present myriad dangers onsite, but so far so good.

The roofing went into full swing on Wednesday on the administration building. Framing of the vestibule began Wednesday and framing of the lobby continued later in the week. The drywall ceiling will be installed in the lobby next week. Our Site Supervisor Greg wants to inspect all of the hard ceilings at once. We are shooting for a hard celling inspection around January 31.

The sheetrock on the 2nd floor and roughing-in mechanical continues to go as planned. We are getting ready for MEP (mechanical, engineering, plumbing) inspections in the restrooms. The elevator shaft continues to rise. The elevator grout that anchors to the metal is curing. Once cured, the shaft will continue vertically.

The first floor of the administration wing continues with miscellaneous masonry. The elevator is up to the first floor. CMU wrapping up on the first floor by end of the week.  Wall cover inspections of the first floor will take place early next week in order to continue sheetrock downstairs. The hard ceilings are going in where they can, specifically in the restrooms. Stair framing is to begin next week.

On the exterior, the mechanical room is ready to go, but our crew is waiting until Monday to avoid the rainy weather forecasts this week.  Roofing will work off and on based on weather.  The water main and fire main are currently being installed.  The mainline tap is going in underneath High Haven Street to tie into the main water line which ended up being an 8” vs 6” line.  Choate engineers are looking at spot elevations for the curb, gutter, and ADA sidewalks today.

We are still waiting on parts for the main distribution panel. Choate is on top of acquisition. The manufacturer is missing a breaker for the main switching panel.  It has to be fabricated at the factory. Some things like HVAC and Elevator need permanent power in order to proceed. Electric at the site is currently being paid by Choate on their temporary power connection and hasn’t been switched back to the UUCA account due to the supply chain issue.

We’ve requested a bid for additional silt/storm fencing from Choate to supplement the bales of straw added last week in anticipation of continued rainy and wintry weather.