There were no inspections this week, and we’re not anticipating any until around the 24th. Engineering Consulting Services will inspect the new metal beam between the floors for the elevator shaft. Dekalb will soon be releasing the plumbing revision to us.

We continue to have an exceptionally safe time, as there are no safety incidents reported.

We are currently considering extending the partition wall at the stairwell or adding a 1-hour ceiling. We are also double-checking the mechanical room is rated for fire code.  There may be some door hardware or wall changes needed.

In the Sanctuary, the round window mechanical shade contractor is coming out on Saturday to find out if it can be installed as designed, or if we need an access panel and general coordination. The winch for the Moravian star has been installed. Lighting fixtures that had been on backorder have arrived and will be installed in the ceiling. The new vestibule header is being framed, and then framing the main lobby ceiling will commence and run into next week.  MEP will rough in the lobby ceiling and hopefully sprinkler system before the end of the month.  We are targeting to get all the GYP ceilings at the same time to leverage the fire marshal only coming once, rather than inspecting one room at a time.

In the school building, wall sheetrock should be done by end of next week. The elevator shaft is coming up. We’re targeting having the elevator shaft built and dried-in by February 10th. Electricians and framing teams are staying right on top of masonry as they go.

On the exterior, the mechanical room framing should begin next week and continue for a couple of weeks.  The roofing materials are ordered and waiting on delivery.  The roofer should be able to start mid-next week and will begin their work with the sanctuary.