In terms of permits and inspections, we started the week strong as we passed inspection on sanctuary wall framing, second-floor wall framing, and the downstairs restroom. The building inspector who visited on Tuesday wanted data on the use of spray foam insulation to ensure it doesn’t need an additional ceiling barrier, but this should be easily addressed by our sprinkler system. He has also requested attachment details on the sanctuary ceiling framing.

We continue to uphold impeccable safety standards and continue our work without incident or injury.

Since the Sanctuary walls passed inspection, sheet work on the walls is ready to get started in the next few weeks. The floors of the family room and AV areas are undergoing installation. In the classroom building, walls and sheetrock continue to be installed. Windows won’t arrive until February, so we currently can’t finish the walls around the window, but Choate is investigating an alternative method to work around the late arrival.

Crews are aiming to have the elevator dried in during the last week of January, which will prep us nicely for the elevator company when they begin work three weeks later.

On the exterior, we had to shift gears due to the weather. As we let the new parking area dry out from the rain, we’ve started work on tree islands in the parking lot. We may begin work on the curb and gutters as we continue to accommodate winter weather.

Bryce is meeting with Georgia Power on January 14th to discuss car chargers.

Our 16th Construction and Operations Permit was approved. We are currently considering choosing an aluminum frame rather than wood for our stained glass window. Wood would require some combination of muntins, mullions, or stiles to support the glass which would be visible through the stained glass. An Aluminum frame would allow us to have a solid sheet of round material.