You’re Invited! 

The Climate Action Team is excited to have you join us on a journey to Save and Savor the Earth. We will be sharing tips, thoughts, invitations, and musings about how we can partner and inspire each other to make sustainable choices and effect positive environmental change in our congregation, in our homes, and beyond. 

If you are like us, the deluge of information and, frankly, the pessimistic news about the environment and climate may leave you feeling confused or hopeless. You are not in this alone! We believe that, together, our congregation can make a difference, and our goal is to share the tools and perspectives to do exactly that.

Check in weekly to find tips for eco-friendly living, news about local environmental events, inspirational book and video recommendations, and opportunities to advocate for legislative action. Topics will include green energy, ecologically responsible tech, plant-based recipes, conscious shopping, and more. We will also be inviting you to share your ideas, efforts, and successes.

We CAN do this together.

Won’t you join us to Save and Savor the Earth?