Progress continues on our new campus as we transition into winter. We are happy to report that as the site gets busier with visits from Georgia Power, tree cutters, and more, we continue to uphold our safety measures and can report no incidents!

In terms of construction documents, Our teams and representatives are getting caught up on RFI’s, but we’ve seen no new ASIs since #4.

Things are looking up, literally, as we continue to work on our ceiling and technical infrastructure! The sanctuary ceiling is mostly framed, but should be fully finished before Christmas. Sprinkler rough-in will drop in after Christmas. Mechanical plenum boxes and lighting are going in now. Theatrical lighting will start installation infrastructure after Christmas. Our three large speakers should arrive in the next couple of weeks to install support. The rough-in and power supply to our Moravian wench are coming in.  Transcend will be onsite right after Christmas to install its infrastructure.

The structural steel floor framing will be inspected by a third party soon; this will serve as the deck of the AV room. More information is arriving through RFI documents for the wall between the mechanical room and the main building.

Work on the administration wing continues as CMU block masonry started last week and should finish on the second floor by early next week. CMU work continues on the first floor.  Overhead MEP is mostly in the ceiling already, and rerouted ductwork for the corridor is being fabricated now. Hopefully, it will arrive before Christmas. The elevator pit continues to move along; it is ready for concrete but we won’t receive concrete until next Monday. Concrete pours for the new steps to the social hall and reception area will begin in the next couple of weeks.

The civil engineering team is continuing the process of clearing and grading.  Lots of trees were removed as planned.  We are waiting on the ground to dry in the new parking lot area. Georgia Power removed old poles this week, and the temporary power pole was energized.  They also installed a new power pole in the back fence area. Today the crew showed up to bore from said pole to a new transformer power pad.  We haven’t heard about the transformer itself for the power pad. The main “guts” for the electrical room should be installed over the next couple of weeks.  We may be ready for permanent power by mid-January.  We will apply for new service, and then the HVAC team can get rolling.

Other updates include our discussion of the round window. They may need to make the circle smaller to account for the ceiling coming down a bit over the existing circle.  The framing of the hall near the coat closet continues as our team tries to determine ceiling height with the steel girders and where to drop from 10 feet to 9.6 feet.  The RFI is to come. The drywall in the coat closet may require rework, but Dawn will take a look to see if she can make it work with the existing radius.

We are excited to move into 2022 still on schedule and optimistic about our progress! Thank you for your continued support.