Progress continues at a great pace! We had a 3rd party steel inspection for the new structural beams in the sanctuary with only minor corrections needed. The ductwork inspections were successful and they are ready to be insulated. Dekalb county and Georgia Power have inspected the new temporary power pole as well. Choate is getting closer and closer to cutting the column out next week which will mark a major construction milestone event.

What’s new in the Sanctuary?
Spray foam insulation starts on Monday and will take a few days. Ceiling framing begins after that. Other trades (mechanical, HVAC, lighting, AV, theatrical, etc.) will wait until after the ceiling, as all are contingent on the ceiling framing and insulation. Work on the stage can begin after all the ceiling construction and technology installation is complete.

What’s new in the Education Wing?
Ductwork is going in and HVAC lines are being installed and distributed.  Plumbing testing for water supply lines has been going well this week.  Blocking for handrails in process and continuing next week.  Next week, masonry will start on the 2nd floor with new CMU walls going in for one week.  Everything will then get furred out and ready for inspection around middle of November.  Polyiso insulation has been pushed back to the 29th. Nothing will be covered up until after Thanksgiving. Shoring for the elevator continues.  We’ve had a slight delay to allow for one more inspection.  Hopefully, this time next week the steel column will be removed. We are currently two weeks away from pouring concrete on 1st floor.  

The vestibule and new mechanical room slab are to be poured in the next couple of weeks.  They are holding off on the ADA ramp for the moment since its location is currently the source of the temporary power.  We are also getting slabs ready for outside installs. They are doing a lot of topsoil work to get us down to some nice clean dirt to work with. The underground retention (40 sticks of pipe) system was delivered. Parking lot work might start changing sooner than we originally thought. 

There was a speed bump on the catchbasin box that we are tying into. It’s very old and was constructed with mixed material. This is a preexisting tie-in that isn’t up to snuff per the inspector, so we are going to need to get a precast concrete basin to replace it which will be a part of change order 10. Precast is in stock and cheaper and easier than to rebuild per two separate bids.