We have closed the construction loan with Iberia / First Horizon! Many thanks to Board President Sean Golan, Director of Operations Bryce Thomason, our Project Phoenix team, and our incredibly supportive congregation.

Our architect, CCCA, has submitted revised plumbing schedules to DeKalb county to reflect the actual as-built plumbing arrangement discovered during renovation, and the property passed its first plumbing inspection by DeKalb inspectors. The first concrete pour to fill in new plumbing trenches will happen this Saturday.

There is significant overhead work occurring in both the sanctuary and admin buildings.  The project has been major issue and injury-free with numerous safety inspectors visiting the site often.

We currently have a major focus on overhead work and wall framing.  In the Sanctuary, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work will continue the next 2-3 weeks. Wall and ceiling framing is ongoing. Significant structural steel is already being installed in the sanctuary with two large c-channels which weigh over 2,000 lbs. each being installed next week.  Wall framing should be mostly complete by the end of October but we will leave the walls open until sometime in November to allow access for MEP work and Southface grant inspections.

In the admin and education building, the walls have been laid out with the top tracks done and interior studs being installed this week and next.  The sprinkler system is being roughed in along with remaining electrical.  The sheet metal for duct work is being installed upstairs this week and downstairs next week. CMU block walls will be erected downstairs next week.  The structural steel components in the admin building are complete. The elevator pit and shoring work continue.  This is a major milestone in the project and Choate continues to work steadily toward it.

We now have access to our near-term calendar, providing a guide as to what to expect next! Check it out HERE.