Iron workers are installing beams for CMU support in the admin building this week.  Electricians are running conduit for all electrical and AV in both the sanctuary and admin buildings. Saw cuts in the foundation for plumbing should also begin any day.  HVAC is onsite.  The sheet metal has arrived and the duct and sprinkler installs in the sanctuary will begin next week. The radius walls in the sanctuary should begin framing next week. In essence, all MEP (mechanical, engineering, and plumbing) crews are now onsite and will remain onsite until their work is finished.  We are three weeks out from CMU and Masonry work crews beginning, which is right on time to coincide with door frame delivery. Site work is scheduled to begin October 18.

Drywall trades are still struggling with the supply chain and locating enough rigid installation.  A alternate product with more R Value (6.5 instead of 5) is being proposed by the vendor and is being evaluated by Choate and the architect  for suitability.

Comcast met with our site superintendent, Greg, this week. We are all set to move forward with bringing internet into the building now.

Now that we are upgraded to spray foam insulation, we are asking all mechanical engineers to weigh in on any new considerations due to the building envelope expanding into the attic space which will now be conditioned space. We want to make sure we are accounting for venting and humidity changes that may affect the elevator shaft and HVAC requirements.  Speaking of HVAC, Choate is going to remeasure now that we have better access to the attic area.  Currently, the plan is to penetrate the roof and add a dormer. They are remeasuring to see if we have enough room to avoid the penetration/dormer.

We are almost complete with the coordination of the independent of trades that work for UUCA which are TSAV (Sound and Video), Transcend (IT and Security), and Lodestar (Theatrical and Specialty Lighting). The drawings for these three subs of UUCA have their own drawing sets that Choate and Spencer Bristol are consolidating into an overlay to be sure we have no double/triple coverage issues.  All these contractors met onsite this week with Choate, CCCA, and Bryce Thomason in a large and successful coordination meeting.

The large round window glass that was accidentally demolished will be replaced with new glass in the same style that was there with no mullions. The kind of glass will be of the same size and quality as what was there, but new.

We are working with Choate and Root Design studio to try and save the Hemlock trees in the grove in the front lawn.

Closing on the construction loan is progressing with the loan closing occurring in the next week or so.

The first inspection from DeKalb county is coming within the next couple of weeks which will set the tone for other inspections.  Additionally, our independent monitoring vendor ECS will be inspecting the new structural steel beams soon.