Substantial demolition is complete, except for the structural demolition necessary to install the elevator.  The photo attached reflect the additional demo in the sanctuary removing the sheet-rock ceiling and brass chandeliers.  Electricians continue on site with running conduit and installing panels.  Today, plumbers got started running copper and installing pipe hangers on the second floor.

Over the next week, the HVAC sheet metal will begin fabricating duct work with installation of ducts soon thereafter. Electricians will be roughing in ceiling and sanctuary audio visual work. The sprinkler design will be finished tomorrow. Supplies and materials have been ordered for new walls. Sanctuary framing will be starting in three weeks if the supply chain doesn’t have any surprises.

There are some small supply chain delays on perimeter wall insulation, structural steel, and the corrugated metal pipe needed for the retention rod. None are big problems, but site work mobilization is slightly delayed to now set to start on October 11.

Due to newly discovered instability, some additional walls required demolition that weren’t on the original schedule to be demolished. When the door frames were removed, some of the walls that remained were unstable and had to be taken out.  They will be replaced with CMU as before but better.  The existing CMU had no dowels or other stabilizing features installed which led to some of the instability.

Finally, our team from Collins Cooper Carusi met with Project Phoenix representatives to finalize finishes. We made a few minor changes, but overall the design plan is strong. It was exciting, and we are looking forward to seeing it all come together!

We are on track to close the loan with Iberia either the last week of September or first week of October.