The safety teams at 2650 have prepared the building for demolition and we are underway. The next three to four weeks will be focused on demolition and erosion control. We are in the midst of reviewing proposals and contracting our theatrical lighting provider, and we are excited to watch changes begin to take shape! We are currently on track to finish in our nine month timeline, with a projected finish in June 2022.

A Notice from your Board President:
Last week more comprehensive survey and testing as required by the EPA revealed asbestos in certain tiles and a few other types of materials in the older parts of 2650. This new survey performed for state clearance took samples of 54 materials in our building and found asbestos in 9 of them. During the due diligence period, the commercial inspection firm hired by UUCA tested five types of materials and found no asbestos.

Fortunately, all the materials containing asbestos are already part of the demolition & removal plan. Choate immediately sought bids for demolition sub-contractors certified to remove asbestos and obtained two bids within the week. Unexpected issues like this are why we built a contingency line item into our budget. The existing contingency more than covers this added cost of $26,300. I am confident that Choate is doing everything they can to work around the asbestos materials and keep this from creating additional delays.

Sean Golan

Board President