2021 Stewardship Drive

From your Stewardship Team


A great big thank you to everyone who made an annual pledge during the drive this year! Even with the concurrent capital campaign and a global pandemic, which would be expected to somewhat suppress increases in giving, your generosity made this campaign a success.

Let’s get to some headline numbers:

We received pledges for 2021  totalling $717,901 from 328 households. That’s an increase of 2% from last year. Our average pledge this year is $2,189, an increase of 4% over last year. Nearly half of households that pledged for 2020 and 2021 increased their pledges this year. A special thank-you to everyone who increased their pledge this year.

You may remember that our goal for the stewardship drive this year was $750,000. The Stewardship Committee chose that goal as a stretch, knowing that reaching it would be non-trivial. While we didn’t quite reach that milestone, we are grateful for everyone’s generosity during this unusual time.

During the combined campaigns, we tried to reach out to everyone in the UUCA community. Because the pandemic forced us to move to online services, we took the opportunity to draw this circle wide. Our services reach people across the country, and this year, we received 9 stewardship pledges from outside the state of Georgia. We would also like to highlight that 39 households, or 12% were made by friends of UUCA who are not members.

The theme of this year’s combined campaign is “Building a New Way… TOGETHER!”   Every pledge counts whether large or small. Making that pledge shows that you are part of and care for this community. As we close this part of the stewardship drive, we want to again thank everyone for their generosity and continued support. Please know that you can still submit your 2021 stewardship pledge by going to uuca.org/stewardshipform.

Looking forward to staying connected and continuing to grow in 2021.

Thank you! 

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