Current pledge total: $700,000+
2020 Pledge Goal: $700,000
Make your pledge now!We are happy to report that we have made (and exceeded!) our pledge goal of $700,000 for 2020!  We are planning to celebrate with cake and balloons in the UUCA social hall this Sunday Dec 8, 2019.For those who have not pledged yet (and don’t want to be left out!), we are still accepting pledges. Please know that all additional pledges will directly reduce the burden of Project Phoenix funds for our operating costs.

We are so grateful for your generosity.

We want to thank everyone for making this a successful stewardship campaign. We are of course thrilled to have met our goal, but we started this adventure knowing that the journey to our goal was just as important. It’s been an incredible experience for us to watch our community come together and plan for our future in 2020. Thank you to all the UUCA members who hosted house parties, stuffed envelopes, and made phone calls. Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who worked behind the scenes to gather and input information and keep us organized.  We thank everyone who stopped by the pledge table or reached out with words of encouragement and gratitude. We appreciate everyone who provided feedback about their concerns and ways we could improve our efforts. We thank everyone who extended grace and understanding when we stumbled.

We are so grateful for our UUCA community. Congratulations UUCA!

With gratitude and joy,
Leta and Kay
Stewardship 2020 Co-chairs