Something magical happens when we come together. From Sunday worship, participating in the Atlanta Pride parade, to gatherings in the homes of our members and friends, we are inspired by our UUCA community.

We all have our own unique UUCA story–the first time we found a place where we belong, the moments we felt deep purpose, and receiving support and generosity when we were brokenhearted.

In these past few weeks, we have witnessed these powerful stories in Sunday Service and in the living rooms of our fellow congregants. We have shared precious moments with one another, experiencing a deep connection that calls us closer together in supportive community. Wherever we gather to build our cherished religious community is a sacred space.

This year’s Stewardship Campaign, Right Here, Right Now, is about investing in sacred moments because they happen every day. When a newcomer walks through our doors for the first time, they find a welcoming and accepting community where people discover new and amazing parts of themselves. When we march through Atlanta proclaiming a ministry of love and acceptance, we create a new world full of hope and life-changing affirmation. When we listen to powerful sermons and testimonials, we find hope and inspiration that transforms ourselves and our world.

Every day, we commit ourselves to this faith and to UUCA. Right now, there is a powerful story of how UUCA is bringing more love, justice, and compassion to our community and to the world. This is the foundation of UUCA stewardship. It is another sacred gathering, a communal time when we pledge financial support to grow our ministry and touch lives.

We invite all who have experienced the impact of our ministry and all who carry it out into our world to join us in pledging in our 2020 Stewardship Campaign. Make your 2020 pledge today by visiting us online at or come see us at the Stewardship Table in the Social Hall. If you are new to UUCA and have questions about pledging, contact us at Together, in one strong body, we can reach our goal of $700,000 and make more life-changing moments.

In Service,

Leta Woo and Kay Johnson