Our upcoming worship series focuses on being both a beacon and a refuge. We will explore and reflect on the possibilities of a more evangelistic Unitarian Universalism. I invite you to think about how you may be a refuge for others? Together, how is UUCA a refuge, a safe and brave community for people who are desperately seeking a place to belong and be their true, whole selves? We understand ourselves as a refuge quite well. We work towards understanding and compassion in our Religious Education classes. We strive to be more welcoming to people who find us. But how does one find the refuge without its stewards shining a light to guide their way?

The famous UU theologian James Luther Adams said we seek both intimacy and ultimacy, both a feeling of authentic connection to each other, and ultimacy, the exploration of meaning—what is of worth and value to us. We yearn for intimacy, for deeper connection, to be known and seen and understood. This can happen for you at UUCA. As you become more involved and engaged at UUCA, you begin to establish deeper and more meaningful connections. You develop friendships, find mentors, and an create support systems. We nurture intimacy in our Small Group Ministry, our leadership teams, our Wonderful Wednesday dinners, and all the small ways we care for one another and hold each other in our thoughts and our hearts.

We also seek ultimacy. In worship and in our religious education, we make meaning, and we grow our souls. Our practice of radical acceptance and supporting each other’s journeys of belief, wonder, and ultimacy are the gifts we give back to the world. This is our beacon.

How you are shining your UU light in your family, your work, your community?Let’s explore notions of UU evangelism and let our faith flags fly.