2019 Communications Summit Answers & Resources


Answers & Resources for Questions from the RSVPs

Will we have an online discussion platform? 

This is a part of our a long-term plan. We will be looking at different ways to host community discussions that prioritize inclusiveness, privacy, sustainability and covenant. The website continues to be the most identified issue that impacts congregational life and UUCA’s image to the larger community. This is the first priority because it is central to both growth and engagement.

 Additionally, any new platform will require functioning database. This is the pathway to sustainable communications that support discussion platforms, audience targeting, and group coordination. In the next couple of months I will be publishing a draft a Communications Project Plan.You will be alerted when there are updates or edits. If there is energy and support, I am happy to host a status report meeting later this year. Otherwise, updates will be communicated via email. 

We are moving forward with Project Phoenix Online Town Halls.  

How to connect my group’s work with the work of UUCA? Example: Ens & Outs + UUCA & 7th Principle.

This is exactly what we should be doing! With lots of different groups at UUCA, it is critical that we drive programming and messages that amplify our work in a coordinated way. Anchoring your group’s work in one of the 7 Principles is a great start. I recommend attending the UUCA storytelling breakout session to learn best practices when it comes to developing message-forward media and promotions. 

How to leverage all of the tools and options to maximize awareness of my groups programming? 

There are two keys to success here. One is knowing what the platforms are and how to use them. For this, I would check out the “Navigating UUCA Communications” breakout group. I’d also check out the Communications Policy and Communications Hub that goes over all of our platforms.

The other key is early planning and promotion. We have over 40 operating programs/groups at UUCA. All are competing for the attention of the same audience. Early planning will get your program on people’s radar. Co-sponsoring events is also a great solution.  Attend the “Moving Towards Mission” session to get introduced to the new UUCA planning tool.

What’s going on?

I am working on addressing critical issues that lead to confusing and inadequate communications. These fundamental issues are confusing systems, lack of capacity, and structural issues with the website and database. We’ll talk more about this during the presentation segment of the Summit. For context, please visit the Communications Hub and visit the Survey and Reports section. 

Who’s in charge?

The Communications Director (me) provides strategy and systems to support internal communication, maximizes awareness of UUCA’s impact, and promotes deeper engagement with UUCA and it’s programs. The Board of Trustees is the elected governing body. Ultimately, the congregation is in charge. I work with staff, the board, and congregants to support UUCA’s work.Click here for more information on UUCA governance. 

What needs to be done and how much will is cost? 

We need to create greater capacity in a relatively new UUCA program. Initiatives involving Communications have come in waves. We need to chart a course and identify the support to get there. The cost of that internal process is shifting priorities, identifying volunteer roles and  support, and building in accountability. This summit is the first step in creating capacity and accountability. Maybe we can make this a semi-annual event? 

Of course, as we do this work, solutions may come at a monetary cost. So far, the only product that comes with a price tag is the website redevelopment. Approximately $5000 has been dedicated to this project. All other communications related budget items will be discussed with the congregation and board with full transparency and consent.

How do I transition my giving from the City to Access UUCA? 

Here’s a link to an email that went out about transitioning your giving. Please check the second paragraph for instructions. If this doesn’t answer your questions, please contact our Office Administrator, Travis Vaughn.  

How to participate in congregational growth?

Communications is an important part of growth, but there are many ways to help. Here are some suggestions: Talk about UUCA!!!! There is no graphic, advertisement, or sign that holds as much weight as YOUR VOICE! If you use social media, talk about your faith community on your page. Check in and tag UUCA when you attend service and meetings. Do you have a neighborhood coffee shop or community space that lets you post flyers or information? Leave some information. I’d be happy to help here. See someone new at UUCA? Introduce yourself. Invite them to an event. Ask them about themselves and get them connected.

You can also connect with the Hospitality and Inclusion Team. Contact Barbara Begner for tips on creating a welcoming environment that supports growth. 

If you are interested in forming a UUCA ambassador team that works with me to collect stories from the congregation to highlight our work within the congregation and on social media. PLEASE contact me! I’m looking for a diverse group of 3-5 folks to get this started. Nicole.Pressley@gmail.com