On any given weekday, a quick inventory of the contents of our food barrel reveals a variety of healthy, non-perishable canned and dry goods: oatmeal, organic tomato sauce and spaghetti noodles, corn muffin mix, and beef stew. All of these meet the needs of Project Take Charge, a program of Decatur Cooperative Ministry (DCM) which […]

It’s funny how the holiday season rolls around without fail every year, and as you get older the faster it seems to come around. As a child my least favorite day of the year was the day after Christmas. I would think “I have to wait another whole year for Christmas again….bah humbug.” As a […]

What Christmas used to be is very different from what it is now, and Unitarian Universalists had a lot to do with its transformation. This is a little-known story that begs to be told. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Christmas in America was a time of excess—more like Mardi Gras than anything else. It […]

Community: Above Board

Community. We speak of it every Sunday when we dedicate our offering. It runs through our UU Principles, our UUCA Ends Statement, and our Congregational Covenant. Community is a bedrock of our practice, work and experience as Unitarian Universalists and as members of this congregation. In a group that values the individual search for meaning, […]

Rev. Anthony David was recently interviewed about health care reform for All the Latest ATL. The interview segment begins about two minutes into the program.