Office Closed for Thanksgiving

Our offices are closed from Thursday, November 23rd-Saturday, November 25th in observance of the holiday weekend. We’ll see you on Sunday, November 26th for worship!  Want to learn more about celebrating responsibly and giving back to Indigenous organizations? Click below!

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At UUCA, we believe in you. We believe in justice. We believe in rigorous hope. As Unitarian Universalists, we celebrate our community’s diverse spiritual practices and commit to our shared ethical principles. Join us and embrace your potential for connection, courage, and transformation.

You’re invited to worship with us every Sunday at 11 at 2650 N. Druid Hills Road NE. You can also watch online at

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Unitarian Universalists are united by deeds, not creeds. We are proud to foster a progressive, inclusive community. Learn about our faith!

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We believe in transformation. Our Religious Education program offers enriching programs to grow at every age!

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in pursuit of an antiracist, gender fluent, queer affirming world.

In our congregation, we rehearse the world we wish to see.  Our faith and our mission require us to create and uphold an antiracist, queer-affirming spiritual community.

We are committed to our Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, Multiculturalism Resolution and continue to work individually and collectively toward a community that reflects our values. As the first integrated church in Atlanta and the second integrated church in the American South, we work to uphold our legacy as a faith home in the ongoing pursuit of equity and justice.

Here, your queer self, your skeptical self, your curious self, your critically thinking self, your whole self is celebrated.


Rigorous Hope

November 5 – December 31

How do we bloom in the cold seasons? How do we hold on to hope in eras of upheaval and injustice? Join us to develop an ethic of hope. How can we look life in the face, remain honest about every issue and flaw, and still see potential?  We will embark on a systematic theology of active, rigorous hope.


Express Yourself

October 15, 22, and 29

Explore creativity in community! We’re diving into aesthetic play and how creative experiences empower engagement and learning. 


Rigorous Hope: Eye See U

November 2 – Early January

Day to day, moment by moment we are all seeking the drive to keep pushing forward. To have Rigorous Hope is the cultivate the undeniable belief that we can create a reality that will change current circumstances for the better. It is the hope carried by immigrants to travel to unknown territory, a daughter having the courage to break generational barriers, or a child following their dreams. It is communal creativity and self-preservation. Rigorous Hope: Eye See U is a group photography exhibition that shares various perspectives on what hope looks like behind the lens. Images in stillness reflect how we see ourselves and each other.

View the gallery online here.