Our worship services are at 9:00 and 11:20, with Religious Exploration for children, youth and adults at 10:10.

We encourage everyone to dress comfortably. Dress ranges from shorts to coat and tie; khakis and jeans are common. New to UUCA?  Read about what you can expect on a typical Sunday by clicking here.

Sermon Series: “Burnout”

Quests of the Spirit celebrates Unitarian Universalism’s distinctive style of openness to many sources of wisdom. It’s meant to encourage individuals in their personal spiritual quests and to enrich those quests with wisdom from the world’s religions.

Upcoming Services

Sunday, March 26 : “Traffic” (Rev. Anthony Makar)

Mark Arum from the AJC shares some of the “unwritten rules” of Atlanta traffic: “Usually the best rush hour of the week is Friday morning, and the worst rush hour of the week is Friday evening; Turn signals, despite what the law says, are optional in metro Atlanta; You must slow down to look at a crash on the interstate, even if it’s on the other side of the freeway and it in no way will impact your drive.” The rules are funny, but the reality can be maddening. But are there spiritual perspectives and tools we can use to make it less maddening and more meaningful?

Sunday, April 2: “Pollution” (Rev. Jonathan Rogers)

Sustainability starts with us. How can we cultivate and nurture a spiritual presence and a spiritual community that guides us toward balance within and without? How can we reduce the emotional and physical pollution that threatens our world?

Sunday, April 9: “Infoglut” (Rev. Anthony Makar)

The Oxford Dictionary defines “infoglut” as “(Noun) The state of having an excessive or overwhelming amount of information. Origin: 1980s.” But there are other words describing this same phenomena: “Data asphyxiation,” “data smog,” “information fatigue syndrome,” “cognitive overload” and “time famine.” Johann Hari, a British journalist, notes that there is a good reason why “wired” means both “connected to the internet” and “high, frantic, unable to concentrate.” It all sounds very dire—but does it have to be?

Sunday, April 16: “Rising Out of the Ashes: Easter Sunday” (Rev. Anthony Makar)

The symbol of UUCA is that of a phoenix rising from the ashes. It’s a mythological creature that burns completely up and becomes ashes, but that is not the end of the story. He rises again. The story definitely resonates with the Christian holy day of Easter, and it also resonates with the theme of burnout … and beyond.
All ages are welcome in this beautiful service. We will also have our beloved annual Flower Celebration. Please bring a flower to exchange during the service.