Sunday Services 

9:30 am & 11:00 am

Beginning Sunday, August 12th, we will hold Sunday Services at 9:30 am and 11:00 pm at our new location at 1190 West Druid Hills Drive NE, Suite 150, Atlanta, GA 30329. 

At UUCA, sermons are organized around important topics designed to support you on your spiritual journey and inspire people to build a Beloved Community of progressive spiritual activists in Atlanta.

Each worship series lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. While the same theme is explored throughout the series, each service is a unique experience. With a variety of spiritual sources and practices, music, and opportunities for building connections, Sunday services at UUCA are a welcoming and energizing experience for all.

We encourage everyone to dress comfortably. Dress ranges from shorts to coat and tie; khakis and jeans are common. New to UUCA?  Read about what you can expect on a typical Sunday by clicking here

Check out the current Worship series and upcoming services.


Current Worship Series

“When Time Stands Still”

November 11 – December 16

In today’s fast-paced world, entire days breeze by without us stopping to really experience them. We allow individual moments to blend into one blurry snapshot, and we can ask ourselves where time has gone and why we can’t have more of it. But every now and then, a beautiful sunset, a mesmerizing song or a moving piece of artwork is able to fully captivate our attention. And for that brief period, time seems to stand still. These moments are so healing and so good for the soul. Join us in this worship series to explore these profoundly spiritual moments and how we can have more of them.

December 9, 2018: Bad At Meditation

Taryn Strauss

What if you are not meant to be “good” at meditation?  Is there something beyond the notion of getting it right?  Is it possible to befriend our imagination, rather than try to keep its door slammed shut?  Together we’ll explore what goes on inside us when time stands all too still and we simply want to escape ourselves.  Let’s be bad at meditation instead. 


December 14: 2018 (Friday): Moravian

Our annual Moravian Love Feast, a joyous holiday service of spectacular music, readings and sharing of fellowship, food and drink, is scheduled for Friday evening December 14, beginning at 7:30 p.m. This has been a UUCA tradition for more than 50 years.This year, we will have the service at Canon Chapel on the Emory University Campus.Love feasts originated in the first gatherings of Christians, consisting of worship accompanied by the ritual serving of bread and wine to affirm the kinship and community of the worshipers. From the second century on, the love feast became separated from the worship service and was held in homes or churches, usually in the evening.  By the eighth century, the feast had all but disappeared, but in 1727, the love feast appeared again in the Moravian Church in Eastern Europe. The Moravians, who frowned upon the use of alcohol, substituted coffee or chocolate for wine in the ritual sharing. In this country, the first Christmas love feast was held in Salem N.C. in 1771, and we held our first love feast in the 1960’s when a UUCA member of Moravian descent introduced it to our congregation.

Tickets on sale now in the Social Hall on Sundays. Tickets cost $10 for adults, $7 for senior adults, $5 for children under 18, and $25 maximum per family. Childcare is available if reserved at one week in advance (by Dec. 7)


December 17, 2018: Moments of Creation

Taryn Strauss

The creative process is one of the most powerful ways to experience full-immersion. But what is creativity? How can we bring greater creativity into our days?

Holiday Services 

December 23, 2018: Annual Christmas Pageant 

9:30 am & 11:00 am

December 24, 2018: Carols & Candlelight 

4:30 pm & 6:00 pm

Join us this Christmas Eve as we celebrate the holiday season with rituals of song and story and candlelight. It’s good to be together to deepen into the spiritual meanings of this time: of glad tidings, possibilities, peace.

December 24, 2018: Jazz and Candlelight 

8:00 pm

As Christmas Eve deepens into the night, and we get closer to Santa’s arrival, join us for a beautiful service of jazz music and soulful readings.

December 30, 2018: Labyrinth Walk

10:00 am – Noon

As 2018 gives way to 2019, you are invited to walk UUCA’s labyrinth. Drop in any time between 10am-noon. While you are waiting your turn to walk the labyrinth, check out four different stations that we’ll have set up in the building. At the first, there will be inspiring readings for you to reflect on. At the second station, you can read more about labyrinths and learn some pointers on how to make your experience special. At the third station, you can light a candle to remember loved ones or honor a turning point in your life. At the fourth station, you will find special slips of paper that dissolve in water. Write down something you’d like to let go of, and experience healing as you see the paper dissolve before your eyes. Come to UUCA on January 1 and start the new year off right with a spiritually moving and invigorating experience
Universalism represents one side of our amazing historical heritage. In this worship series, we draw on key songs in our hymnal to explore Universalism’s essential wisdom and its guidance on what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist today.