Attend our Worship services at 9:00 am and 11:20 am. Religious Exploration for children, youth and adults is at 10:10 am.

At UUCA, sermons are organized around important topics designed to support you on your spiritual journey and inspire people to build a Beloved Community of progressive spiritual activists in Atlanta.

Each worship series lasts approximately 4-6 weeks. While the same theme is explored throughout the series, each service is a unique experience. With a variety of spiritual sources and practices, music, and opportunities for building connections, Sunday services at UUCA are a welcoming and energizing experience for all.

We encourage everyone to dress comfortably. Dress ranges from shorts to coat and tie; khakis and jeans are common. New to UUCA?  Read about what you can expect on a typical Sunday by clicking here

Check out the current Worship series and upcoming services.


Current Worship Series

Holy EQ Batman! What the Emotional Lives of Superheroes Can Teach Us

Where do you feel safe, joyful, and fully yourself? Is a house necessarily a home? “Home” is a worship series that explores various spaces and ways where these precious feelings fill us up and make us glad. Can we find home in the present moment, in loving relationships, in our sense of mission, or in nature?

Upcoming Services

October 1: Zorro and Powerlessness (Rev. Makar)

Introduced in 1919, Zorro is the first American superhero. In normal life, he is Don Diego de la Vega, but when he is masked, he becomes a crusader for justice, who fights on behalf of commoners and indigenous peoples against tyrannical officials and other villains. But even he expresses curiosity about how he comes into his power for this work. “It is a peculiar thing to explain, señores. The moment I donned cloak and mask, the Don Diego part of me fell away.  My shoulders straightened, new blood seemed to course through my veins, my voice grew strong and firm, fire came to me!  And the moment I removed cloak and mask I was the languid Don Diego again. Is it not a peculiar thing?” Today we look into the Zorro legend to ask, how do we transform powerlessness into power?

October 8: Spiderman and Guilt (Rev. Rogers)

Spider Man’s entire origin story is wrapped around the idea that he made a horrible error in judgment, and that his own selfishness resulted in a terrible tragedy that he is personally responsible for. His guilt is enormous. But can there be healing for him and for our own inner Spider Mans? What do we do with guilt?

October 15: X Men and Rejection (Rev. Makar)

Ever since their conception in 1963, the X-Men have served as Marvel Comic’s allegory for victims of prejudice–a mirror to the social ills that plague the marginalized and discriminated. On Pride Sunday, we look to the X-Men as they illustrate the struggle of facing hatred and, despite that, staying resilient & hopeful and using their gifts to make the world a better place!

Come to worship wearing your Standing on the Side of Love T Shirt! After our single service at 10am, everyone is encouraged to march in the Atlanta Pride Parade downtown, which starts at noon. Unitarian Universalists, let’s show our pride!

 Past Sermons:
September 17: Wonder Woman and Loneliness (Rev. Makar)

An essential part of the story of Wonder Woman is her struggle to come into her power and to be powerfully herself against the efforts of others to keep her small. Inevitably, such a struggle leads to loneliness. “If one’s different,” said writer Aldous Huxley, “one’s bound to be lonely.” But what does Wonder Woman do with her loneliness? What can the Wonder Woman in each of us do?

September 24: Wolverine and Endless Rumination (Rev. Rogers)

Wolverine is a superhero who can’t let go of the past. He’s caught up in a vicious cycle of rumination in which he replays the same distressing scenes, memories, and feelings over and over again. Wolverine is not alone in this. But what can the Jewish tradition of the High Holy Days teach Wolverine, and us, about a better way to live?