Joining UUCA is a way of committing to your spiritual journey, as well as to the life and mission of the congregation. It is a choice to share your time, talent, and treasure with our beloved community, and to further our common vision of peace, justice, equality, and compassion.
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Membership is both simple and challenging. It is easy to sign the Membership Book. It is challenging because of what this simple act means: that a person has made the decision to join a faith community whose members are searching for truth, working for justice, and striving to live in loving relationship with one another.

Want to learn more about us and let us meet you?

Come to an Introducing UUCA Q&A session, held each Sunday from 10:45 – 11:15 am in the Library in the office wing. No registration – drop in anytime.

New Member JoiningInterested in becoming a member?

Membership is open to those fourteen years of age or older who agree with the guiding principles of the congregation. Membership involves making a commitment to the life and future of this congregation with our time, talent and treasure. To become a member, fill out a New Member Form and make a pledge to the congregation. A time to sign the Membership Book can then be arranged. For more information, contact Jessica Seales, Director of Congregational Life, at Jessica.Seales@uuca.org or 404-634-5134 x 211.