UUCA has a rich tradition of involvement in the arts, from its exciting music program to its art gallery to its historic Underground Theatre. Now, under the oversight of the Performing Arts Coordinating Team (PACT), UUCA is sponsoring a lively series of performing arts events in its intimate Underground Theatre. There is a monthly underground coffeehouse featuring guest performers and an open mic period for home-grown acts. In addition to evenings of poetry readings and slams and improv, PACT is developing a program of exciting theatre that speaks to the spiritual and social concerns of our community. Workshops in playwriting and developmental theatre will lead to exciting future performances. PACT welcomes proposals for productions, readings, etc. Anyone wishing to produce a play or other performance event is invited to submit a proposal for consideration using the Proposal for Play Production form or the Proposal for Performance  form. Artists interested in performing at the underground coffeehouse should contact Coffeehouse@uuca.org if there are questions. For further information, please contact John Clum, Chair of the Performing Arts Coordinating Team (jclum1941@gmail.com).