Preaching Politics

It was 1917, and America was at war. Most Unitarians were for it, including the moderator of the American Unitarian Association, former U.S. president William Howard Taft. But some were not, and this minority included John Haynes Holmes, minister of one of our most prominent churches of the time. “War,” said the Rev. Holmes, “is […]

It was Pride Sunday several weeks ago, and the parade was done. I was headed home. I caught MARTA and took it to Lindbergh Station, where I’d parked my car hours earlier. The parking ticket was carefully tucked away in my wallet, for I knew that the parking was free but only if the […]

Hi, my name is Jason Delaney, and I’m on the Stewardship team, and a Coming of Age mentor. Thank you for the opportunity to share. My birthday is coming up on November 2 (it ends in a five, but it’s still a pretty nondescript one) and every year I struggle to respond to requests for […]

In the Hebrew Bible we read, “Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of saving health” (Isaiah 12:3). We Unitarian Universalists do this whenever we draw from our Six Sources of Unitarian Universalist faith, which are 1. Judaism and Christianity 2. Humanism 3. Direct Experience of Transcending Mystery and Wonder […]

Gandhi and I