Did you know that, in ancient mid-East society, where Israel lay, it was common for military men to establish deep and faithful friendships with each other—friendships which were so deep that, in truth, the men were lovers? Did you know that, in the ancient society out of which our Hebrew Bible emerged, women had […]

Part I: Don Milton III I’m grateful to Rev Rogers for sharing his sermon time with me. I’ve been asked by many congregants when I would get a chance to talk about my sabbatical experience and when I read his description for this service it really hit home. When people ask me about my sabbatical […]

Our Whole Lives

It was dusk. The apartment was empty save for the two of them. As they lay entwined in warm embrace, this room/this bed was the universe. Aside from the faint sounds of their tranquil breathing, they were silent. She stroked the nape of his neck. He nuzzled her erect nipple first gently with his nose, […]

You might have heard that the great Muhammad Ali died this past Friday at the age of 74 years. This was a man who, besides being the world heavyweight boxing champion three times, transformed what it meant to be a sports hero. Before, it meant being the strong and silent type. After: something entirely different. […]