Do you have ideas about social justice and want people to partner with?  Do you belong to a justice group and want to be better connected and coordinated with other groups at UUCA?  Do you want to form a partnership between UUCA and a local justice group?  Do you think UUCA ought to be more involved in denominational initiatives?

These are just some of the many things the Social Justice Coordinating Team can help you with. The team has been meeting since January, and was created to give oversight and direction to the Social Justice programming at UUCA.

The five members each have their own portfolio, or area of responsibility.  They are:

Barbara Burnham – Internal UUCA Groups  Connector
Betsy Rivard – UUA, UUSC, UU-UNO, Denominational Connector
Annie Archbold – Local Atlanta Connector
Ron Davis and Erin Stanfill – Overall Direction of the Program
Pat Harris — Communications

I am very excited about this team and the possibilities it creates for expanding our reach and our effectiveness in putting our faith into action.  Please join me in thanking these people for their leadership, and please let them help you get more involved in creating justice in our world!

— Rev. Jane Thickstun