Generosity Circles: Year-Round Pledging Comes to UUCA

When we pledge our financial support to UUCA, we express gratitude for those who came before us, hope for those who will come after us, and sustaining support for each other today. We become part of a beloved community that shares time, talent and treasure to deepen our connections with each other and with life. We find our place in the circle of congregational life at UUCA.

Last year we announced something new was coming to UUCA. Starting this year, we no longer ask everyone to pledge at one time. Now it’s year-round pledging and we encourage you to practice year-round giving. If we all do this, UUCA’s circle of giving will be unbroken.

UUCA now has 12 Generosity Circles, one for each month of the year. Each pledging or contributing member or friend at UUCA is a member of one these Generosity Circles. Each month the members of that Generosity Circle will be asked to individually review and/or reaffirm his/her/their pledge. That means we will all be asked to reconsider our financial commitment to UUCA at different months throughout the year. Be on the lookout for a letter in June which will identify your Generosity Circle month. It may be July of this year, or it might be May of next year, but you will be asked to review your financial pledge in the next 12 months.

How will this work? A couple of weeks before your Generosity Circle month, you’ll receive a letter with information about UUCA’s past accomplishments, our goals and aspirations for the future, and a Fair Share Contribution Guide. You will also be asked to review and increase your financial commitment to UUCA, as you are willing and able to do so, to help us reach those goals. For 2016, that includes hiring an Associate Minister who will lead our Lifelong Religious Exploration and Pastoral Care and Lay Minister programs, all essential parts of our beloved community.

We will also ask you to make a continuing financial commitment to UUCA. Set up your monthly, weekly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual gift to UUCA as an automatic funds transfer with your financial institution and you’ll never have to worry about writing that check when you’re out of town or miss a service. And UUCA will be able to rely on your future financial gifts. As with any pledge of financial support to UUCA, your commitment may be increased or decreased at any time as your circumstances change.

Once you respond, either online or in print, you’ll receive a thank you call from one of our Generosity Circle Callers. If we don’t hear from you, starting the first week of your Generosity Circle month, you’ll receive a phone call asking if you received the information, if you have any questions and if everything is ok. It’s a call to encourage you to pledge, but it is also a call of caring concern, connecting one congregant with another as part of our beloved community, keeping our UUCA circle strong.

We hope this new approach will help us be more connected and more caring with each other. It allows us to encourage and exercise generosity throughout the year instead of focusing solely on pledge activities for a few months every fall. And it should help make our financial planning easier.

We are excited for what this new approach to pledging can mean for UUCA. We look forward to answering your questions. Please contact us at to share your questions or comments. And thank you for your continuing commitment of time, talent and treasure to our beloved community.

Together in service,
Your 2015/2016 UUCA Stewardship Team

Carol Ann Arvan                               Jason Delaney                                   Joetta Prost

Ellen Beattie                                      June Lester (Emerita)                      David Spierman


Generosity Circle Leaders:

Mary Anne Gaunt                            Mary Sherman

John Guyton                                     Judy Shaklee