Making a Financial Commitment to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta


“We build on foundations we did not lay.
Together we can build across the generations.
We are ever bound in community.”
– Rev. Peter Raible

Much that we share at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Atlanta comes from the gifts and actions of others. Our home on Cliff Valley was built and then expanded by our predecessors. Religious exploration for all ages was developed and staffed because early congregants made intellectual and spiritual growth for our children, youth and adults a priority. Music was recognized as an important part of our congregational life, so gifted staff musicians were identified and hired to work with UUCA volunteer musicians.

While we receive, we are also called to give of our time, our talent, and our treasure to ensure our generation and future generations will continue to enjoy the gifts UUCA has to offer. We need UUCA’s support and guidance to help us live our values and to put our passions into practice. To paraphrase Rev. Raible, we build on foundations we did not lay, and together we can build across the generations, because we are bound in this beloved community we call UUCA.

We are called to make a continuing financial commitment to UUCA so our Beloved Community can meet its commitment to be there for us and for our world. Regularly recurring pledge payments form the bedrock of UUCA’s financial foundation. When we all give our fair share, we can:

1. Fulfill our financial commitments to our ministers and staff;
2. Attract and hire the best possible Associate Minister for Lifetime Learning, Lay Ministry and Pastoral Care;
3. Improve and maintain our buildings and grounds;
4. Fund our social justice projects; and
5. Expand UU’s influence by paying our fair share for denominational support.

We want UUCA to be a beacon of justice through engagement in our wider community. We also want to help our members and friends grow intellectually, spiritually and socially. We want to support each other in times of challenge and transition. Your generous financial support helps make all this possible, and for this we are very grateful. When you model generosity at UUCA, you light a path for others to follow. By matching your values with your dollars, you benefit yourself as well as others because your actions match your aspirations. You are being authentic. When you share more with UUCA, you feel more connected to our Beloved Community. Giving feels good, and generous giving feels even better! UUCA needs and appreciates your generous giving.

We encourage everyone to be a Fair Share Sustainer or Visionary, giving roughly 5% or more of your monthly income to UUCA. If this level isn’t possible for you right now, please set it as a goal and make a plan to reach 5% or more in the coming years. You can take pride in knowing your Fair Share gift is making it possible to UUCA to meet its commitments and live its values.

It costs roughly $123 per member each month for UUCA to pay our staff, maintain our facilities, and do all the things we’ve come to expect. Not all of us have the means to contribute this amount each month to UUCA, but working towards at least this amount or 5% of monthly income is a goal for all of us.

If you have been a contributing member or friend in the past, we strongly encourage you to become a pledging member or friend so UUCA can rely on your generosity when making financial commitments to others, both inside and outside our community.

We appreciate your past financial support, and we encourage you to use the Fair Share Contribution Guide to review your continuing pledge or contribution and to increase it, if possible. Please use this opportunity to consider why UUCA is your Beloved Community, to remember those who came before us and those who will come after.

We build on foundations we did not lay. Grateful for our past and hopeful for our future, we give and serve today.