Be Curious and Compassionate Together – Join a UUCA Covenant Group!

“Covenant Groups are the spiritual development groups I’ve been hoping for for a long time.”
“My Covenant Group helps me build personal relationships.”
“My Covenant Group has reconnected me to the church community.”
“My Covenant Group has helped me to be excited about Sunday and going to church.”
“Through Covenant Groups we get to know people we may not otherwise have known.”
“Covenant Groups go beyond the coffee hour.”
“In my Covenant Group I get to know others by ‘heart’ instead of by ‘name tag’.”
“It’s fun!”

Members of Covenant Groups make a commitment:

To learn about the mysteries of our world and our spiritual paths;
To love ourselves and each other;
To serve our community and the needs of one another;
To maintain personal connections and a caring community with and for members of our groups;
To welcome, integrate and get to know, New Members and New UU’s into our beloved community;
To create the sacrament of right relationship among members and with the larger UUCA Community;
To laugh.


About the Covenant Group Experience

What are Covenant Groups?

Covenant Groups are gatherings of six to ten UUCA members and friends, including facilitators, who meet monthly to reflect on a variety of topics. Through Covenant Groups participants practice listening to others and to the voice within.

Why Have Covenant Groups?

Covenant Groups are designed to foster connections and intimacy essential to the ongoing life of a religious community. People come to UUCA seeking spiritual growth, to know themselves better, to grow into their understanding of the world, and to ponder the age old questions of faith: how to live, what to believe, how to act, how to serve others, and what meanings we can decipher from the mystery of life. Covenant Groups are designed to give the opportunity to address these needs and questions.

What Happens at Covenant Groups?

The following format guides meetings:

Chalice Lighting: Settling down, a reminder to participants of the special opportunity of the gathering;
Check-In: Sharing news of what has been happening in participants’ lives;
Topic/Reflection: A paragraph or two lays out a topic and presents questions to elicit deeper reflection;
Likes and Wishes: An opportunity to provide feedback;
Chalice Extinguishing & Closing Words: Bringing the session to an end. Groups are encouraged to start and end on time.

Outside of formal meeting times, Covenant Groups choose to go on “field trips” together: to museums, restaurants, shows, and other fun places. They also commit their time to service projects and justice activities.

How Long Do Groups Meet?
Groups meet once a month, and we ask for a commitment of one year and regular attendance when joining a group. Group sessions last 1.5 – 2 hours.
Where Do Covenant Groups Meet?
Covenant Groups meet either at UUCA or at a member’s home. Participants can select which geography works best for them when signing up for a group.

Ready to jump in? Go HERE to sign up for a spot in one of our open groups!

Download the UUCA Covenant Group Participant Guide here!

For more information, or to sign up, email our Covenant Groups team at cg@uuca.org.