Come Learn About The National Program “Postcards To Voters” And Participate
In A Special Postcard Outreach To Newly Registered Voters 

Our Activity: One of the most frustrating factors in Voter Registration Programs is the low number of those new voters who actually make it to the polls. Following our Speaker telling about this very successful Grass Roots program, we will be writing postcards to newly registered voters to urge them to vote in the May Primary Election. Since these are newly registered voters with no partisan record, this will be a totally non-partisan effort to increase voter turn-out in the primary election. After the May election an analysis will be completed comparing turn-out of those who received postcards with a matched group that did not get the postcards and see if this type of program can have a positive impact. If you have any questions about this program, please contact Sally Riddle ( or 610 405 4868)