Come celebrate Ingathering Sunday at UUCA, as we return to our regular 9:00am and 11:20am Sunday service schedule, and begin a new year.


As part of Ingathering, we observe our annual Water Celebration. Remember to come with a small amount of water that symbolizes something that brought you joy this past summer. People will enter the sanctuary and pour their waters into one of many various, colorful bowls which represent our diversity. Later in the service, all the waters will be poured into one big bowl, representing our unity. It’s a beautiful ritual that will inspire and uplift.


During this service, UUCA’s new Intern Minister, Taryn Strauss, will be introduced. She will be with us on a part-time basis for two years. She is completing her work in process of becoming an ordained UU minister. UUCA has the amazing privilege of helping a beginning minister grow towards maturity.