Fascism, American Style

There has been a lot of loose talk in the left-wing press about Fascism  .  An important mistake is often made in interpreting Benito Mussolini’s famous dictum that fascism is the merger of state and corporate power.  That is not the same thing as a merger of corporations and the state.  Under that interpretation all modern capitalist countries are fascist to some degree, especially when those states exhibit strongly racist social policies, as in the US under Republican rule.  But the hallmark of the merger, and therefore, fascism, is the rise of privately funded armies (corporate power) working hand-in-glove with local and federal law enforcement (state power).  Paradoxically, perhaps, it was the suppression of the protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) during the Obama Administration that displays the heretofore best example of this kind of marriage, on a national scale. This week the Humanist Action Forum will hear a summary of the leaked documents that show the mind-blowing extent of the DAPL exercise in nascent fascism.