Agenda Coming Soon!

Protocols for UUCA Congregational Meetings
1. All are welcome, but only those who have been members at least 60 days may
participate in discussions and vote.
2. Each motion will be presented and seconded, and then followed by discussion.
3. Participants must use a microphone to be recognized.
4. Each speaker must state his/her name for the record.
5. No participant will be recognized to speak on an issue a second time until others wishing
to speak have spoken a first time.
6. Once recognized, a member may move to amend a motion on the floor. The motion to
amend must be seconded, discussed, and passed or not, before returning to the main
motion. Once recognized, a member may offer any new motion.
7. Consistent with our UU principles, members should be given every opportunity to
present their view, as long as comments are relevant to the motion on the floor.
Stopping debate before all have spoken can only be accomplished by the President’s
recognition of a motion to “call the question,” which requires a second and a two- thirds
8. All actions, other than the vote on the proposed By-laws changes, require approval by a
simple majority vote. Proposed By-law changes must be approved by a vote of twothirds
of the voting members present at this meeting. Abstentions will be recorded, but
do not count as votes.
9. A Parliamentarian will be appointed by the President to answer questions about