UUCA Youth Leadership and Social Justice
Camp is a week-long program that provides teens
ages 14 to 18 with a unique summer opportunity to
interact with a diverse group of youth who come
together to build a community based on
inclusivity, respect, and understanding.
The camp brings together diverse young people to
explore the challenges and rewards of building
community amongst people of diverse backgrounds
and experiences. Young people become leaders in
service to the mission of fighting bias, bigotry, and
racism by promoting understanding between all
races, religions and cultures through advocacy,
relationship building and education. The realities of
their lives are addressed throughout the week in a
safe, supportive and respectful environment in
which they share their experiences, values,
conflicts, challenges, hopes, and dreams.
During the week staff facilitate the youth experience
of diversity and community building through
discussion groups and sessions on leadership, race
relations and racism, sexism and gender issues,
heterosexism and gay identity, and building
community in uncertain times. The youth are
provided the opportunity to share cultural pride,
personal talent, and spiritual heritage.
It’s also a great way for the youth to use their camp
experience for college applications and to continue
developing their leadership skills by becoming a
youth staff the following year.
UUCA Youth Leadership & Social Justice Camp
Delegates are students entering their 9th, 10th, 11th,
or 12th grade year of high school or community
based learning program in the coming fall.
For more information contact Nanda Shewmangal,
Youth Programs Coordinator at UUCA, 404-634-
5134 ext. 217 or nanda.shewmangal@uuca.org.

The week-long Camp starts from June 5 – 9, 2017
from 10am to 3pm at UUCA 1911 Cliff Valley Way
NE Atlanta, GA 30329 and will cost $100 per
delegate. Please contact Nanda if fee represents a
financial hardship. No one should be discouraged
from applying for financial reasons.

To register for the UUCA Youth Leadership &
Social Justice Camp complete the application
before Friday, April 21st. For application click link