Slate for May Election

Slate for May Election The Nominating Committee is elected by the congregation and charged with identifying lay leadership to support the mission of UUCA, informing the congregation about leadership opportunities, and fostering a spirit of service. More specifically, the committee is responsible each year for nominating a slate of candidates to fill vacancies on the […]

Project Phoenix Update Inspections  The building inspection report has been received.  No hazardous materials were found, and the report indicates there is no need for further environmental inspection.  More details will be provided at the Town Hall meeting April 15, 2018 at 12:45 pm.  On Thursday, March 28, 2018, an arborist inspected the trees on […]

  Building a Second School Library in Ghana   Just over a decade ago, UUCA members raised the money for a library in Nkyenenkyene, Ghana. This was a village with a regional elementary school, but no books (and no electricity!)   My link to Ghana in that project was Dr. George Ayittey.  He’s a Ghana […]

New RE Course:  Peace Education Program The Peace Education Program (PEP) consists of 10 sessions, each focusing on a particular theme. These customized, interactive workshops are non-religious and non-sectarian. The content of each theme is based on excerpts from Prem Rawat’s international talks. The themes are: Peace, Appreciation, Inner Strength, Self-Awareness, Clarity, Understanding, Dignity, Choice, […]

New UUCA Board Members

New UUCA Board Members UUCA’s Board of Trustees is pleased to welcome two new trustees and to introduce them to the congregation.   In January the board asked Kevin Stephenson to fill Bill Kramer’s unexpired 2.5 year term. In January, Bill agreed to serve as interim Finance Trustee through May 2018. As background, Bill was […]