Billie’s Blues: Love Me in My Pain Dr. Tony Stringer January 29, 2017 Do we require that our prophets be Buddhas or Christs?  If so, Billie Holiday was no prophet.  There was little that was Buddha-like in her nature, yet her life exemplifies the search for transcendence.  She had much to transcend——a life that […]

The State of the Dream Dr. Tony Stringer In another week, it will be seven years since I became a granddad.  Congratulate me!              Thank you. I find that being a grandparent is very different from being a parent.  There is nowhere near the same level of responsibility, and hence, there is nowhere near […]

From Mess to Mosaic

How many of you know Hildegarde Grey?   She’s a long time member of our congregation.  She couldn’t be here this Sunday, so to make sure you know who I’m talking about, here’s her picture. She looks a lot like me, doesn’t she?  By a show of hands, how many of you think this is […]

Love Letters to Laura