By Conrado Marion-Landais, UUCA Board Member One key function of the Board of Trustees is to listen to the congregation. To this end, the Board’s Congregational Life Committee has been holding “listening events” with invited congregants. One of the interesting discussion points that emerged during the two recent events is the theme of membership, belonging, […]

Above Board: What Your Board Does

By Ellen Beattie, UUCA Board President-Elect In a congregation as large and as lively as UUCA, there is no one who knows everything there is to know about all the wonderful things that go on around here every day. As a Sunday morning greeter, I know there is nothing like a question from a visitor […]

Above Board: “Faithing”

By Cyndi McFarland, UUCA Board Secretary I came across something very interesting about the word “faith” in a devotional by Martin B. Copenhaver, Sr. Pastor at Wellesley Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Massachusetts. The title of the devotional was “Faithing in God,” and he said that the English language is the only European language […]

Above Board: Striving for Balance

By Pam Kilmer, UUCA Board Member Most people would agree that moderation and balance is a good thing. However, UUs, like other people, sometimes become very hard-line about the issues that they care the most about, whether it’s ethical eating, social justice or other good causes. An excess of zeal toward a good cause can […]

By Eric Pohl, UUCA Board Member One of the major initiatives of your Board of Trustees in 2010-2011 is the creation of a new Long Range Plan for UUCA. While any organization can carry on for quite a while without a viable Long Range Plan, operating under a Long Range Plan provides distinct advantages: it […]