Financial Highlights as of October 31, 2016

Operating Budget Highlights
It has been a repetitious message, but we continue to be behind in our Pledged Income line with payments lagging. October was a better month and we are hopeful to finish with good pledge payment activity in November and December.

The $18,411 surplus from 2015 was brought into the 2016 Operating Budget. The 2015 Surplus was earmarked to help offset the deficit in our Pledged Income.

Expenditures have remained consistent and nothing out of the ordinary has occurred.

Through October, we are showing a net surplus of $23,599.

Temporary Restricted Highlights
Growth Initiative Fund activity relates to the generous gift of Oreon Mann coming in $5,000 installments. Two-thirds of his gift, or $33,500 will stay in Growth Initiative and one-third, or $16,500 will be passed over to the UUCA Endowment Fund.

Also, the first installment payment to Linda McNay, Development Consultant, has been made from the Growth Initiative Fund.

The 2014 YE Surplus Projects are now complete and the overage of $5,900 will be covered from other Reserve Funds.

The Pass Through: Endowment Fund is used to record credit card gifts to the Endowment, in particular when UUCA members make “birthday club” gifts. In addition, a portion of a generous gift from a congregant has been transferred over to this account and will be remitted to the Endowment Fund after the full gift is received.