Congregational Meetings

Special Business Meeting #2 – March 12, Real Estate

Minutes from the January 29th meeting will be approved at this meeting.  Please click here to request draft minutes from the January 29 meeting.

Click here to request the Letter from the President, UUCA Board of Trustees announcing the meeting, with business terms of sale.

Click here to request the Town Hall PowerPoint presentation (this PPT may change slightly based on feedback/comments received at Town Halls)

Special Business Meeting – January 29, Real Estate

Click to request draft minutes from January 29 congregational meeting.

Please read the letter and memo announcing the meeting, which were sent to the Congregation in the first week of January 2017.

Click to request Letter from President, UUCA Board of Trustees, and Memo from Senior Minister

Supporting Information
Click here to request an email copy of the Congregational Meeting powerpoint
Click here to request an email copy of the Facilities Study Report
Proposed process for voting period (as posted on The City, M. Marion-Landais)
Thinking about how Location supports our Mission (as posted on The City, E. Stanfill)
Early Timeline of Managing the LOI Process (as posted on The City, E. Stanfill)


December 2016 Budget Meeting


Letter and Agenda from President, UUCA Board of Trustees
Please read this letter about the upcoming Congregational Meeting and the Agenda for the meeting.

Proposed 2017 budget

The detailed version of the proposed 2017 budget can be reviewed here. Please read the Financial Summary for explanation of the proposed budget. Note that the proposed 2017 budget provides a comparison with the original 2016 budget as passed in December 2015.

Proposed Bylaws changes

Congregational Meeting Protocols

Read the Congregational Meeting Protocols.

Past Congregational Meeting Minutes

Please review the draft minutes from the December 2016 Congregational Meeting below. Congregational approval of minutes from this will be on the agenda at the May 2017 congregational meeting.

Unapproved December 2016 Minutes
May 2016 Minutes

December 2015 Minutes

May 2015 Minutes
December 2014 Minutes 
May 2014 Minutes
December 2013 Minutes
May 2013 Minutes
December 2012 Minutes
May 2012 Minutes
December 2011 Minutes
May 2011 Minutes
December 2010 Minutes
May 2010 Minutes
December 2009 Minutes
May 2009 Minutes